Teaching for Transformation

At Taber Christian School, we use the following ten themes throughout our teaching, discussions, and assemblies:


God - Worshipping

Students understand that worshipping God is about celebrating who God is, what God has done and is doing, and what God has created. It is literally about standing in awe and wonder of knowledge of Him and His promises. Students see this worship as a way of life.

Idolatry – Discerning

Students will understand that when other ‘things’ are more important to us than our relationship with God, those 'things' become idols.  Students will be challenged to identify, understand and discern the idols of our time and to then respond prophetically.

Earth – Keeping

Students will respond to God’s call to be stewards of all of creation.

Beauty – Creating

As image bearers of a creative God, students will glorify and praise God by creating that which is beautiful and pleasing to Him. This offering of creativity isn’t optional – it’s a joyful duty that students offer as a sacrifice of praise.

Justice – Seeking

Students will act as agents of change by identifying and responding to injustices.

Creation – Enjoying

Students will celebrate and discover God’s beautiful creation.

Servant – Working

Students will work actively to heal brokenness and bring joy to individuals and to culture.

Community – Building

Students will be active pursuers and builders of communal shalom. Our classrooms will be communities of grace where students will walk and work together in a spirit of shalom.

Image – Reflecting

Students bear the image of God in their daily lives. All humans are image reflectors.

Order - Discovering

Students will find harmony and order in God’s creation.